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  • Bartercard works with business owners throughout New Zealand to find new opportunities outside of their normal customer network. The Bartercard members want to deal with businesses within the network, giving you an edge over your competitors. This very simply prevents the need to discount, therefore protecting your businesses value.
    By then using the funds created from your new customers to pay for existing expenses that you would normally pay cash for, you are able to keep more cash in your business. When you mix the extra cash flow with Bartercard’s interest free lines of credit, you can accelerate towards your dreams and goals, achieving them faster than your cash only counterparts.
    Bartercard is by no means a new concept, but by offering a modern and easy to use transaction system we have brought an age-old idea into the future. With more than 27 years in New Zealand Bartercard has continued to grow, and now has over 10,000 cardholders across New Zealand enjoying the benefits of buying and selling over $100 million worth of goods and services outside the New Zealand cash economy each year.

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