by Adam Smith
Published: July 2, 2022 (2 months ago)
224 Bunda St, 堪培拉 ACT 2601, 澳大利亚

247害虫防治堪培拉 has many years of experience working in the Canberra pest control profession. The greatest pest and bug control solutions are available from us. In the same vein, our 堪培拉害虫防治 crew is constantly prepared to address pest infestations as soon as they arise. Our exterminators have received training in both physical and organic pest control techniques. We have Certificate III qualifications, which are required to get a State Government Pest Management license, allowing us to launch and run a pest control company in any Australian state.


✓ 蚂蚁控制

✓ 臭虫控制

✓ 蜜蜂清除

✓ 跳蚤控制

✓ 苍蝇控制

✓ 去除负鼠

✓ 啮齿动物控制

✓ 银鱼控制

✓ 蜘蛛控制

✓ 白蚁防治 

随着我们的 堪培拉害虫防治 services, we cover the entire nearby areas of Canberra. The customer-centric approach that we use in our service is what drives our team members to offer the best solution for your area. This will make sure that the areas are disinfected thoroughly and Pest-free as soon as possible. 您可以拨打我们的电话☎ 0261059069 或直接发送邮件至✉ [电子邮件保护].


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