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Wiper Blades – Super Quiet & Lasting 

Clear vision ensures safe driving and protects you and your family.  Good wiper blades are necessary for your vehicle’s windscreen.  That’s why at ADwipers, we provide premium quality replacement wiper blades to help keep your clear driving vision.

Windscreen wipers from ADwipers are with frameless design (or beam wipers). Compared to conventional wiper blades, the frameless design allows a more evenly distributed downforce to provide you with crystal clear vision.

The spoiler wing on the windscreen wipers is not decorative but provides additional downforce and presses the rubber blade on windshield glass while driving at high speed, preventing the wiper blade from lifting by headwind, ensuring your safety when driving in the rain.

Unlike conventional steel frame windscreen wiper blades, our high-performance windscreen wiper blades series wiper with a frameless aerodynamic design. As a result, it wipes better due to even pressure distribution on the rubber blade. Aerodynamic spoiler catches airflow, generating extra pressure on wipers, and preventing wipers from lifting in high-speed driving.

windscreen wiper blades

ADwipers use top-quality Teflon-coated natural rubber for wiper rubber blade production in harsh Australian weather conditions. Thus, windscreen wiper blades are much quieter and more durable.

Looking for advanced and better-looking wipers, visit and find the best windshield wiper blades for your car model now.


How to replace car wipers

ADwipers use an inter-changeable adaptors system. By changing the wiper adaptor, wipers can fit on different wiper arm types. Thus, there is basically no Out of Stock situation for your wipers replacement.

Wiper Blades By ADwipers


Windscreen Wiper Blade vs Wiper Blades Refill

Some may consider changing only wiper blades refill to save money. If it is done properly, it may. Otherwise, it is not just wasting money, but will cost money to repair the damage for an unprofessional job done to replace just the rubber blade.

Just refilling the rubber blade could cause the following issues:

  1. failing to fit new rubber blade refill securely & successfully
  2. rubber blade come loose, exposed metal clip scratch windshield glass
  3. the old frame looks rusty, aged and ugly


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