Who is UNLTD.directory?

UNLTD.directory is a multilingual, B2B and B2C business information resources platform to service business and individual users globally.

Platform consists of 3 core function elements, Business Directory Service, Classified Ads and Community Discussion.


Business Directory Service

For business to list their business information, eg company name, introduction of business, contact information, relevant photos and video to help prospective customers know better of the company during their decision making process. Company should well use of this feature, not only to display contact information, but using it as a marketing tool to convert prospective customers into sales.

More information given, prefer both in text and visual, better chance your company will be selected.  You need to understand that when someone found your business here, mostly they are ready to go customers. They are either yours or your competitors. To learn how to improve conversion rate with your listing here, please check …

Unless you delete your listing, they will never expire in our directory. Basic listing service is free for everyone.


Classified Ads

This is a section for your company to post advertisement,  announcing sales promotion campaign etc to attract more sales. This is a free service to all registered businesses.

Classified Ads has standard 30 days expiration, however, you may renew keep renewing it without limit.


Community Discussion

This section is designed to allow direct communication between users in regards to industrial information exchange. The benefits of posting in this section are:

  • improve your business SEO ranking (with keywords strategy)
  • improve backlinks to your website by implant URL which links back to your business website (this can also be achieved by listing your business in our directory service)
  • showing your potential customers of your industrial knowledge, workmanship via your post and photos
  • establish your brand and corporate image, thus enhance your business trustworthy in new market segment


Who is UNLTD.directory? May 28th, 2022

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