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Winery & Brewery

  • Talon Wines at the Meadery

    From ancient times to today, meads, or honey wines, have warmed the hearts and lifted the spirits of mankind. At Meadery of the Rockies we have continued and expanded this tradition to include new tastes, flavors and experiences. We are Colorado’s original meadery. Our wines are crisp, refreshing, and “buzzing” with flavor. We use only 100% pure, raw orange blossom honey in all of our wines. For our fruit blends, we use as much local produce as possible. Call us today! 970-464-7899

  • Arrigoni Winery

    Come in and join us & discover the fun at one of CT’s most popular winery & cider company! Regardless of weather and throughout the seasons, our rustic wine tasting room, covered outdoor pavilion, and vinyard-side patio ensure a comfortable, relaxed good time for all who visit! A charming, authentic New England winery experience that visitors are anxious to get to… but in no hurry to leave — that’s Arrigoni Winery!

  • H.S. Clay House Bed & Breakfast

    In today’s fast paced world, everyone needs an opportunity to relax and be pampered. The HS Clay House is just the place to unwind. Located in the heart of Augusta, MO wine country, it is the perfect escape. The new owners have refurbished and updated the property while at the same time have preserving its historic charm. Your stay in one of our five cozy rooms includes a gourmet breakfast, as well as other treats supplied during your visit.

  • Talon Wines at St. Kathryn’s

    Talon Winery offers traditional varietal wines. Located with St. Kathryn Cellars, we are also connected with Meadery of the Rockies, about a mile away here in beautiful Palisade, Colorado’s Fruit and Wine capitol. We normally offer 5 tastes for $5 at any one of our 3 tasting rooms. Those who’d like a flight of 5 wines from all three wineries can purchase a Passport. We look forward to sharing the joy of wine with you! Call us today at 970-464-1300!

  • Antima Cellars

    We are a small, family owned vineyard and wine tasting room located in Brownfield, Texas. Come get a glimpse of the first steps in our wine making process and see how we grow our grapes using sustainable growth practices — all while enjoying a glass of one of our 100% Texas, estate-grown wines!


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