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Airport Parking

  • P1/P2 Domestic Car Park – Sydney Airport

    Driving to Sydney Domestic Airport? Our P2 car park is located just 2-5 minutes’ walk away from the T2 and T3 domestic terminals, so your journey couldn’t be easier. Choose short-term or long-term self-parking in our secure multi-storey domestic car park, or take advantage of our convenient valet parking service, located on departures level of P2 parking at Sydney Airport.

  • Blu Emu Car Park – Sydney Airport

    Looking for a great deal on Sydney Domestic Airport parking? Our Blu Emu car park is ideal for budget domestic travellers. Park free for up to an hour, or book short-term parking or long-term parking for as long as you need. Blu Emu airport parking is located on Ross Smith Avenue within the airport precinct. Free shuttle buses run from the Blu Emu car park to the T2 and T3 Domestic terminals every 15-30 minutes from 3:30 am to midnight (every 30 minutes between midnight and 3:30 am).

  • Go To Airport Parking

    Go To Airport Parking – St Kilda VIC Go To Airport Parking is the online service for travelers. It is the fastest and easiest way to find a parking spot in any place of the world. The system offers parking places depending on the information you enter: the airport you are in or going to and the time you need your vehicle to be parked. G2AP provides all the variants available, including parking places in the airport itself and private parking lots for all the types of vehicles. What makes this system extremely convenient is that all the parking lots are displayed on the map so you can compare not only the prices but the distances to the airport or to the places of your interest and choose the best parking option. Take one airport headache out of your itinerary! Go To Airport Parking makes airport car parking trouble-free and affordable. Our easy parking guide helps you deal with airport car parks like a pro. G2AP offers safe, cheap parking at hundreds of airports worldwide, and we’ll find the perfect parking spot for your needs. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, short term or long term, our easy match Read more [...]


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