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  • Landscaping Direct

    Your new favourite online supplier for landscaping products delivered direct. Paving, Composite Decking & Cladding, Artificial Grass and all the tools and accessories needed to get your landscaping project complete. We have carefully collated products for their superior performance, giving us complete confidence that what we offer is the best out there. We keep our costs down to keep our prices low – creating superb value for exceptional quality.

  • Rapid Chiller Rentals Ltd

    Here at Rapid Chiller Rentals Ltd we provide air conditioning and refrigeration rentals throughout Manchester and the North West maintenance and installation are all included. When it comes to temporary chillers, we should be your number one choice as we have developed a fantastic reputation over the years as a capable and reliable cooling solutions provider. Our team are all highly experienced and fully trained, ensuring your cooler installation is carried out flawlessly every time, meaning that we go the extra mile to make sure what you need is what is delivered. From short term temporary chiller rentals to long term lease chillers, we will are able to help you make the right decisions.

  • Browns Family Jewellers – Rochdale

    Located on Yorkshire Street, Browns Family Jewellers is a jewellery and luxury watch specialist, and pawnbroker. With over 40 years combined experience, our team are happy to advise you on any jewellery and watches enquiries. We stock a range of new and pre-owned jewellery, including diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and designer lines, and prestigious watches, such as pre-owned Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer models. Our pawn shop in Rochdale is also proud to offer some of the lowest interest rates for seven month pawnbroking loans. Other services at our Rochdale jewellery store include part exchanging gold, diamonds and watches for competitive prices, repairs, valuations and bespoke engagement ring designs.

  • Jordash Clohting

    Jordash Clothing is a market leader in wholesale gothic clothing that everyone is fascinated about. Check out our latest collection of alternative dresses online at Jordash Clothing. Price and other details may vary based on size and colour.

  • Slatted Screen Fencing

    Slatted Screen Fencing is the UK’s biggest supplier of cedar, larch, cambia wood, and pressure treated fence panels, fence slats, and cladding. The horizontal fence panels (also known as modular fence panels) can be made to any size and are sure to add a stylish and modern boundary to your home. The fence slats and timber cladding options are also available in Canadian red cedar, Siberian larch, Cambia Wood (Tulip Wood) and as a pressure-treated/tanalised option. View our collection today.

  • Spiritsmith

    All of us have our favourite tipples and our preferred places to drink them. We appreciate them not just for the taste, but how they feel and look and since they provide an ambiance, or social setting that makes us really feel that ‘this is our place’ and we feel welcome. SpiritSmith aims to bring a gift to our customers and their loved ones which brings a bit of that ambiance and social atmosphere home. As a busy family run business, we understand the significance of having a network of great people around us, providing support, love, and friendship. Let’s be honest, as family life does not constantly offer us the chance to get out to our preferred places as much as we might like, more and more we are inviting our network of people to appreciate a drink with us at home. So why are we here? Well, as most companies do, we had a brainstorm with the help of a friend/marketing professional. They were doing their best to get us to believe a bit more deeply than ‘these are the gifts we want to buy our loved ones, but can’t find them anywhere’. After much deliberation (and gin), Read more [...]

  • WDS Group

    Our experts are actually a UK wholesaler who delivers nationally. Our team offers whatever from beer, crisps, chocolate, cleaning products, everyday essentials, natural wines, craft ale, and much, much more. As well as providing delivery our experts also provide the alternative of free local pickup. This lets customers save on delivery charges. We bring each our service and products to commercial and domestic customers. This supports both to bulk buy and stock up on their essentials. As the times move so do we. As the need for vegan and gluten free options grow, so does our product range. We require pride in making sure our staff cater to everyone.


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