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    Broccoli Nugs

    Broccoli Nugs is the premier online dispensary in the UK where you can buy top-grade cannabis at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of cannabis strains to meet the preferences of our esteemed customers. Our popular selection includes Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening smoke or a creative high, we have the right strain for you.

  • Boori UK

    Boori was born out of an independent nursery store in Sydney, Australia back in 1993. Our founder Justin Chui was running the shop when a factory supplying the products was struggling. Justin became more involved in the production and eventually took ownership of the factory. Noticing a lack of coordinating furniture that could truly withstand the bumps and knocks of family life, Justin soon created Boori to meet the demand. Throughout the years, our expert craftsmen in Jiaxing have been refining our production process to ensure our furniture is of the highest quality. Boori is FSC-certified and we use timber which is hand selected from sustainable plantations to minimise our effect on the world’s tree population. We use cutting-edge laser measuring technology to ensure we use as much of our wood as possible. Therefore, we produce very little waste resulting in using fewer trees to make our products. Boori is now in UK and Ireland delivering the best kid’s and babies’ furniture.

  • The LED Specialist

    The LED Specialist is the leading provider in all aspects of lighting, specifically LED products. Whether in an industrial, commercial or residential setting, we stock a wide range of solutions from various industry-leading brands.

  • Eileen Douglas Tack Shops Ltd

    Welcome to Eileen Douglas’ Tack Shops. We are one of the leading retailers around here, and we stock some of the best riding wear, saddles, horse rugs, stable accessories, grooming products and more. We are one of the largest retailers in the UK, and we have two stores – one in Berkshire and another in Hampshire. Every top tier brand is available here, so if you require brands like Eskadron or Mark Todd, rest assured that you will find them right here at our store. For more information on our selection, please visit our website. Address: Woods Farm, Easthampstead Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3AE, United Kingdom Email id: Phone no.: 0118 979 3593 Website:

  • Sarah Wooldridge Design

    Specialising in delivering unique and elegant solutions to the most challenging of projects. We provide beautiful bespoke curtains, blinds and soft furnishings to customers both in the UK and overseas in a variety of scenarios, from at-home measuring of uniquely shaped windows to off-plan on new build properties. As well as this we work in harmony with interior designers and building contractors on projects including country houses, private boats, listed developments and holiday homes.


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