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    Virtue Cash Buyers

    We are a family-owned home buying company whose goal is to provide relief to life’s problems via the purchase of real estate. We buy houses AS-IS and in ANY condition! We are passionate about improving the local communities we work in, while taking a lot of pride in helping those we work with to create win-win scenarios out of life’s difficult situations. We primarily focus in IN and MO, but have the resources to help anyone that may come our way, regardless of where they find themselves.

  • ReganHomes

    Regan Homes is a Northwest Indiana custom home builders company that offers professional craftsmanship and quality service. Call us to start building your dream home today!For More Details visit us @

  • The Lisa Mullins Team

    If you need some help finding your next home, our Northwest Indiana realtors at The Lisa Mullins Team is here to help. Contact us to discover home listings in your top neighborhoods. Contact us @

  • Ben Buys Indy Houses is an honest and fair Indianapolis home buying business that believes in the long term value of ethical business practices and upholding their reputation to the highest standards during all aspects of the home buying process. We buy houses from homeowners and landlords that need to sell their home fast. We offer creative solutions and always enjoy helping people solve their real estate problems they may encounter trying to sell a house. Some examples include: divorce, pre- foreclosure, landlord woes, costly repairs, inheritance, cash out, downsizing, job transfer, family death, etc. I buy houses in a variety of conditions. I buy unwanted houses, houses in need of repair, distressed homes and more. If you are facing real estate challenges and are looking for a way out but are unsure if your house is sellable, contact Ben. He can provide you solutions to your challenges when trying to sell a house.

  • The Jana Caudill Team Brokered by eXp Realty

    The Jana Caudill Team – Indiana US Northwest Indiana’s Top Selling Real Estate Team! As one of the top producing teams in Northwest Indiana, both locally and nationally, our realtors are experts in their field. We provide a full-service approach and open communication that will make your real estate transaction a truly rewarding experience. Our business and our reputations are built on mastering what we do, each of us specializing in our own area, to provide you with exceptional service and results that shine. It is our mission to make a profound and lasting impact on the people’s lives we touch daily, both personally and in business, while maintaining honesty and integrity in all that we do. We believe you win in life by helping others. Thank you for this opportunity. We would love to help you too!   Your Moving Truck As a value-added service, we have our own moving truck ready for our clients to use on their big moving day. If you buy or sell your house with the Northwest Indiana realtors at The Jana Caudill Team, you can use our truck! Our truck is equipped with a ramp, a dolly, and moving blankets. This is our Read more [...]


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