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  • Lofti

    Property Management Software for those who Let and Manage. Efficient workflows to be on top of your lettings and property management operations, from start to finish! See more about our property management software on our homepage, our pricing here

  • BPS Chartered Surveyors

    BPS are a property maintenance company offering unrivalled property management and professional maintenance services to a wide range of clients. Catered to both Residential and Commercial projects, as well as agency including acquisitions and disposals, we strive to share our extensive knowledge with everyone, whether you have one property or a substantial portfolio. We have recently rebranded to offer a range of bespoke services to our clients, be that a full management service or just parts of it. We have over 60 years’ experience combined. It’s safe to say that we recognise every aspect of property, and the challenges faced every day by our clients. If you’re a new property investor looking to grow your portfolio or a practiced property investor searching for the perfect partner, we can help you throughout your journeys by offering you as little or as much help as you need. Simply choose the services you need assistance with, and we will work with you to ensure your investment or investments run smoothly.

  • Legal & General Affordable Homes

    L&G Affordable Homes focuses on supporting the UK’s demographic and affordable living needs, and aims to lead the evolution of the affordable housing sector to become the leading private affordable housing provider in the UK. Working closely with local authorities, housing associations and developers across the country, L&G Affordable Homes provide the institutional capital required to build the affordable homes the UK needs.

  • Prideview Group

    Prideview Group has been at the forefront of commercial property investment services since 1985. For more than 35 years, we’ve been the premier choice for clients seeking expertise on the Acquisition, Management and Sale of quality commercial property in London, the South of England and throughout the UK. Since it was founded, Prideview Group has become a trusted and respected authority on UK commercial property investment, both commercial property auctions & via private treaty. Today, we’re active in everything from Finance, Insurance and Management to Foreign Investor services and Lease Consultancy.   Business Email :

  • Halo House Buyers LLP

    Halo House Buyers are a quick house buyer. We buy property from people that want to sell their property fast such as people who have financial difficulty, divorce or simply have had enough with selling their property. We are a fairly small company which makes us flexible and offer better prices (due to low overheads) than our competitors. Our USP is each client only deals with directors of the business and don’t get passed around from employee to employee.


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