Premium Frameless Aerodynamic Wiper Blades by ADwipers January 17th, 2022

Clear vision ensures safe driving, protects you and your family.  Good wiper blades are necessary for your vehicle windscreen.  That’s why at ADwipers, we provide premium quality replacement wiper blades to help keep your clear driving vision.

Our wiper blades are designed with a ClickSwap system with 14 wiper arm fitment adaptors, universally fitting 99% of cars.


Unlike conventional steel frame wipers, our high-performance wiper series wiper is with a frameless aerodynamic design. As a result, it wipes better due to even pressure distribution on the rubber blade. Aerodynamic spoiler catches airflow, generating extra pressure on wipers, prevent wipers from lifting in high-speed driving.


We use top-quality natural rubber for wiper rubber blade production for the harsh Australian weather condition. Thus, our wiper blades are durable and quiet operation.

We guarantee our product quality and offer great customer service — we also provide factory fitting and door-to-door installation service.

Looking for advanced and better-looking wipers, visit and find wipers for your car model with our wiper size search tool now.



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