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  • At a certain stage in a man’s life, he likely looks forward to an adventure through physical intimacy. That’s when he lands up on the bed with a brothel in Braeside. Are you searching for local and cheap brothels in Braeside? Join the ladies of Southern Comfort International, a licensed service provider of full relaxation in Melbourne.

    We have the best brothels in the city, who can provide you with some bubbling fun. Catering to your every physical need, we render a range of adult services, from elegant to erotic. Whether you need full relaxation or live sex shows, we’ve got adult entertainment packages to meet your needs.

    Furthermore, we have an open lounge environment where you can talk with our sexy ladies if you want to. Additionally, we have six large rooms containing a spa for your further enjoyment at affordable prices. Our prices are charged based on the hours that you’d choose from our package.

    Our Service Offerings:

    • Hiburan dewasa
    • Pelacuran
    • Brothel Parlours
    • Sex shows

    Mengapa Pilih Kami?

    Southern Comfort International provide incomparable facilities and services, including local girls for sex and erotic shows.

    Sebab lain termasuk:

    • Syarikat berlesen
    • Affordable packages
    • Unbeatable services

    Furthermore, in Melbourne, we serve Braeside, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Seaford, Springvale and South Eastern Suburbs.

    So, are you in for some kick-ass adult entertainment? Get in touch with us today. Our ladies are ready to please you!

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