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    Blue Ridge Orthodontics

    At Blue Ridge Orthodontics, our focus is changing your smile to the healthy, straight, beautiful one that you’ve always wanted. And we understand that choosing orthodontic care is a big decision. We are here to help with advanced, quality care. We start with a complimentary consultation, where we’ll provide a complete oral exam with x-rays and create a customized plan for you.

  • QC Kinetix (Asheville)

    Are you searching for regenerative medicine near me? Our business addresses the problem of degenerative joint diseases in a way that gives patients pain relief and the ability to continue their normal life activities. For many people, surgical procedures are simply not an option. Regardless of your age or physical condition, it is important to find an alternative solution to help you feel better and get back to feeling like yourself again. The regenerative medicine treatments at QC Kinetix (Asheville) are designed to do just that – fixing your joints while stimulating the growth of new tissues and tissues so they can regenerate themselves. The human body is made up of many different types of tissues. For these tissues to function properly, they must remain healthy and strong. When this does not happen, the body begins to break down from within – causing degenerative joint diseases. The problem with this is that these disorders are not only painful but can also have an impact on your daily life.

  • Mindful Counseling PLLC

    Mindful Counseling PLLC is a premier provider of mindfulness based mental health services across North Carolina. Located in Asheville, our experienced team specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, and other issues. Our team enjoys helping you navigate and adjust major life changes, such as loss, relationships, and career changes. We serve all of North Carolina by telehealth as well as offer in person sessions to those near our offices. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

  • Eleanor Health

    Our mission at Eleanor Health is to help people affected by addiction live amazing lives. We offer comprehensive, personalized substance use treatment that includes medication, therapy, counseling, and connection to resources. We recognize that every Eleanor community member is a unique individual and treat them with dignity and compassion. Our commitment to their health and wellbeing is unwavering and without judgment.


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