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  • CareOnDemand

    CareOnDemand is a service provider and staffing agency that provides continuous personal support, professional care, and community support services to clients across different care settings. It was built to integrate other services and improve their connection in the community.

  • Hypnosis For Anxiety

    Hypnosis Toronto offers effective hypnosis for anxiety. They understand that most people are afraid to speak up about their pain and scary moments enough to let people know what they are dealing with. The team designed their hypnosis for anxiety for everyone. Without leaving your comfort zone, you can still have your treatment. They help you overcome your blocks. They assist you in being in a state of excellence and living in excellence. If you need someone to guide and lift you, call a hypnotist. Learn more about their hypnosis for anxiety or visit their clinic at 240 Roncesvalles Avenue, Suite 5, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2L8, Canada.

  • World Frozen Shoulder Clinic

    Our globally renowned, World Frozen Shoulder Clinics provide an exclusive, highly advanced treatment protocol. We are here to provide YOU with the solution you have been desperately looking for. If you’re currently suffering from chronic moderate to severe shoulder pain and/or immobility and you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for our specialized shoulder procedures, just contact us by phone or email. We are waiting to help you get your quality of life and happiness back.


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