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Business listings include manufacturers of all kinds, as long as businesses produce goods from raw materials, assembling services etc.
  • Buy Furniture Dubai, UAE | Online Store For Furniture – DD Homes

    Your one-stop store for affordable, modern, contemporary classic furniture and latest trendy home décor. Buy online at the best price and make your home a dream one. D&D Homes Dubai is the best Online Furniture Store in Dubai UAE, where you can buy furniture online in Dubai like platform bed furniture, living room furniture, dining table set, lighting, and also they have both contemporary and classic furniture collections. Shop affordable home furniture and home decor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all of UAE at best prices. Discover our new  furniture collection for 2023 by  today itself . Visit Website:

  • Wish surgical Dubai

    “Wish surgical is largest surgical instrument suppliers in Dubai and most recommended manufacturers serving all over UAE for over 22 years. Wish surgical Dubai is trusted by over 25,000 satisfied customers and has over a 100% satisfaction rating as surgical instruments market in Dubai. We proudly sell all types of surgical instruments and medical equipments in Dubai with specialty in Plastic Surgery Instruments, Liposuction Cannulas, General Surgery Instruments, Electrosurgical, and Dental. Wish Surgical is certified member of international standard of organization (ISO) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

  • X-Golf Middle East

    We present you the most advanced indoor golf simulator technology. X-Golf, based in Dubai, focuses on bringing out the most innovative and modern phase of the world’s most popular sport “Golf”. Unmatched accuracy and immersive digital experience are our specialties. If you are thinking about an indoor game for your home or office then golf simulator technology is the best option and X-Golf is your solution. As a luxury amenity or compelling revenue driver, this elite virtual concept gives the experience of the real game in any space whether it is a hotel, resort, residential or commercial area, gym, recreational centers, golf clubs, or even an airport or transit hotels.


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