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Find Family Law Attorney Solicitors Lawyers near me. Discover Family Law Firm, lawyers, Solicitors and Attorney in Dubai surrounding areas. Family Law category includes Lawyer, Solicitors, Attorney and all law firms help legal representing people in family dispute, divorce, children custody etc. legal assistance and legal matters.

Hire a legal representative to assist you in family law matters. 

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  • Professional Lawyer – Dr. Hassan Elhais

    Professional Lawyer – Dr. Hassan Elhais has over 18+ years of legal experience in the Middle East region with two offices located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Along with his team of legal consultants and prominent local lawyers across the UAE, he has established himself as a renowned specialist in the fields of family law, civil law, company incorporation, construction law, maritime law, banking law, criminal law, inheritance law, and arbitration.   Valuing practical experience as much as their legal know-how, Dr. Hassan Elhais and his team in Dubai provide comprehensive legal advice to the UAE populace. Dr. Elhais joined Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy as a legal advisor and rose through the ranks to become the firm’s managing partner. He specialises in the preparation of all statements of claim, memos, and consultations on litigation of all kinds.   Al Rowaad Advocates& Legal Consultancy is a multi-awarded law firm in the UAE that specializes in handling complex legal matters in different areas of law. They provide exceptional legal advice for businesses and individuals alike. Their experience is your success! Get expert legal advice and services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.   Our divisions of expertise include: Arbitration Law Banking Read more [...]


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