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სილამაზე და ჯანმრთელობა კატეგორია: სილამაზის სალონი და თმის სალონისილამაზის და ჯანმრთელობა Tags: ყუთი ლენტები, თმის დაგრძელებადა Tape Hair Extensions

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დაკავშირებული ჩამონათვალი
  • Located in Port Melbourne, Citi Hair Extensions is the leader specialising in the professional installation of best hair extensions in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on offering Superior European luxury hand tied wefts hair extensions.

    We offer the advanced micro horizontal method that is prompt, simple and easy to maintain. Being a leading wig shop in Melbourne, we are known for delivering personalised service for each of our clients. Moreover, we stock post installation hair care products that are 100% Australian made and are vegan.

    ჩვენი პროდუქტები:

    • Clip in hair extensions
    • Tape hair extensions
    • Weft hair extensions
    • Micro bead hair extensions
    • Human hair extensions
    • Weave hair extensions
    • Dreadlocks
    • Hair braiding
    • Box braids
    • African braids
    • Keratin bond hair extensions
    • Human hair wigs

    Extensive Features of our hair extensions:

    • 100% Remi hair
    • Less bulky
    • Less visible
    • Very light in weight
    • Suitable texture for everyone
    • Uni-directional cuticle

    რატომ ჩვენ?

    • 100% Remi Human Hair Extensions
    • Finest Micro hand-tied human hair wefts
    • Leading team of hair extension experts
    • FREE consultation
    • ხელმისაწვდომი

    We work Tuesday to Saturday by appointment and Sunday & Monday we are closed. Book your appointment online or call us.

    Visit our website to view our latest promotions and special offers. To make a booking, give us a call at our registered number.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqMpo_EjXODDxSYoMCkgjA

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