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ავტომობილები, ზღვა და ავიაცია კატეგორია: ავტო მექანიკა, ავტო მომსახურებადა ქარიშხალიავტომობილები, ზღვა და ავიაცია წარწერები: Paterson, NJ, პასაიკის ოლქი, საქარე მინა რემონტიდა ქარიშხალი

სპეციალური შეთავაზებები
დაკავშირებული ჩამონათვალი
  • Paterson Windshield Repair provides top notch customer service for windshield replacement and installation, auto glass repairs, and truck glass repairs.

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    პატერსონის ქარსაფარი სარემონტო

    ​The most trusted windshield replacement and repair service provider in Paterson NJ and Passaic County.

    Save money & time with our quick professional windshield repair services guaranteed to make your auto glass shine like it’s new.
    ​We understand rock chip damages and cracks can get worse. So, we provide under-an-hour service, quick appointments and mobile service so you don’t have to work your schedule around us. We work hard for you!

    Immediate Solutions For Your Needs

    • Did your windshield recently get hit with a small rock or object that chipped a window? 
    • Does your car have a windshield or window crack that’s getting worse? 
    • Maybe you had an accident or someone broke your window?
    • Need immediate help? 
    • Noticing the small damage getting worse?
    • Გააქვთ car window that needs replacing
    • Are you worried about how expensive replacing or fixing a windshield might be? 
    • Not satisfied with a quote you received from another auto glass repair shop? 
    • Worried bigger brands just want to replace your window, compromising the integrity of your car, instead of simply fixing minor cracks? 
    • Worried your smart car will be affected from the any replacements?
    • Been to other shops in the past (or recently) but they didn’t meet your expectations?

    Regardless of your situation, we offer safe, affordable, fast and quality service. We specialize in replacing and repairing: auto windshields, broken windshields, big or small vehicles, სატვირთო, and commercial vehicles.
    No matter what your car model or where the damage is, we’ll fix chips or cracks for a reasonable price. In worse case scenarios, we offer budget friendly window replacements that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.
    No hidden fees. No surprise issues. We can even come to you if you can’t make it to our shop.

    ​Repairs are done at our shop or we can go to your home or work. We know you have a busy schedule, so we make it easy for you.

    We promise to make your windshield look brand new. 

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