How to post a FREE classified ad?

Posting free classified ad is so easy here. In order to manage your ads, we suggest you to register before posting ads so that you can edit, update, renew ads in later stage. Otherwise, once posted, you won’t be able to manage your ads. how to post classified ad

Firstly, Go to Classified Ads > Create Classified Ads


  1. Contact Person: Name of the person to contact if visitors want to inquire
  2. Email: Email address to contact you for further inquiry
  3. Phone number: Phone number to contact you for further inquiry
  4. Title: Title of your classified ad
  5. Category: Choose appropriate category/categories. You are allowed to choose multiple categories for a Classified ad. However, please do select relevant categories only. Abusing this rule by posting ad to irrelevant category, the ad will be completely removed from the system
  6. Add photos to support your ad. Drag and drop photos relevant to your ad


7. Description: write detail description of your ad. Do use keywords relevant to your ad. Visitors can use keyword search to locate your ad fast.

8. Package: By default, FREE package is selected. Premium package is for making your ad always stay at top position to gain maximum exposure. If result position is not critical, you can always stay with FREE package.

9. click PREVIEW button to double check your ad contents before publishing. By click PREVIEW, you ad is not published yet. It is in review status. You need to click PUBLISH LISTING button to actually post the ad to public


Click PUBLISH LISTING to make your ad go public so that everyone can read it.


If you have registered an account, you can easily manage all your ads, business listing, forum posts, add friends, create discussion topics, comments, etc all in your Personal Control Centre. You can utilize all these features to help improving your SEO ranking.  Detail for DIY SEO improvement can be found in following articles:

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