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How to improve Search Engine Ranking for FREE?

Before explaining how to improve your Search Engine Ranking, you shall understand why you want to do that.

What is Search Engine ranking?

when user search keywords in search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. the position of your info page in search result is Search Engine Ranking. Studies indicate that most users only try to pick businesses from first 2 pages of the search results. In other word, if your information page has higher ranking in first or second page, you have greater opportunity to get the potential sales. This is one of the major advertising spending in general.

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How to maximize exposure of your online business information?

There are two major traffic sources generated from SEO activities, paid traffic and organic traffic.

Paid Traffic:

Business spend money to acquire extra traffics to their online business information by bidding keywords in search engine, such as Google adWords, is a typical paid traffic method. Depending on competitiveness of the industry, you may expect to pay from few cents per click to USD50+ per click. Don’t get confuse with click and sales lead. Click is not sales lead, not until this user make contact with you inquiring about your products and services.

Paid traffic is the quickest way to get your business listed in first page, but could be very expensive practice if you are in highly competitive industry.

Organic Traffic:

This is achieved by optimizing online business information pages, so that making search engine to believe your pages are relevant to keywords user trying to search. The algorithm of ranking is trade secrete of search engines, but most of the elements are “known” by experiences.

Common factors those will affect search engine ranking are:

  1. density of keywords in textual content: refers to number of keywords appears in textual content of your pages. However, do not try to over injection of keywords into contents. Search engine will consider such over injection as black hat SEO technique which is prohibited. Serious consequence would be black listed by search engine, meaning your info pages will never appear in search result.
  2. Length of textual content: ideal length of your textual content is between 800-2000 words (not characters), strategically apply keywords, and long tail keywords into contents. Most SEO tools will provide long tail keywords for you to apply into contents. Content must be relevant to your business, possible keywords those people will be using to search services and products provided by your industry.
  3. Keywords in other parts of your online information: apart from digging relevant keywords from your textual contents, search engines will also take into account keywords found in domain name, URLs, page title and some other parts as well.
  4. Internal and external linking: Internal linking refers to linking withing your website/domain. External linking refers to links between your website and other websites. External linking further divided into inbound and outbound linkings. You may easily control outbound linking by linking keywords to other sites. However, inbound linkings (back link) weight a lot more. It is a challenge for SEO professionals to establish good loads of back links.
  5. Bounce Rate: It refers to how long a user stay in your info pages after clicking your page link in Search Results. If this user drop out too quick, search engines consider this page is irrelevant to the keywords that user try to search, and your ranking will drop back for that keyword.  Thus, specify a anding page for paid traffic or organic traffic is a professional task.

These are just some typical factors affecting organic ranking. We do not recommend business to DIY their SEO, simply because if it is not done properly and professionally, consequence is not just low ranking, it could cause black listed.

Paid Traffic provide instant traffic to your page, however, it is quite expensive for some industries. And, once stopped, it is just like shutting a tap, hardly get a further drip.

Organic traffic take quite a long time before reaching optimal ranking, ranging from 6 months to over a year. However, once your ranking achieves a desire position, you may reduce spending on organic SEO, the effect will last for months. To maintain your ranking, minimal cost is required.


How to improve your ranking for FREE with us?

You may get more opportunities by posting your business in various format. You can do them all for FREE here. Your cost is just a little bit of your time.

By listing your business (take me there)

  1. Add your business listing with us, write detail description of your business, including what are your major products and services, areas you service, why should choose your business to do the job, and any other relevant information, eg industry awards, professional licenses, etc. In your description, insert sufficient keywords (5-10 times) of your services and products.
  2. Fill all available data fields, enrich your business profile with full data.

By posting classified ads (take me there)

  1. Post classified ads, again, insert keywords, add links in content to link to your business listing page, as well as your website (if applicable)
  2. Post multiple ads with different contents. Do not duplicate one ad to several. Search engines do not like this. They have AI to detect duplication, even you change few words.
  3. Classified ads have expiry date, you will need to keep updating your ads regularly

By post discussion topic in our discussion groups (take me there)

  1. Post your works and projects, customer appraisal etc positive information in community discussion area, not only you can show off your great works and advertise yourself, you also get extra opportunity to be index and ranked in search engines. Do leave your contact information in content for people to contact you with ease.
  2. Post photos of your work and projects helps potential customers to know well about your work, and build up their confidence to assign jobs to you.

Build up cross links

  1. when you add your business with your website URL, we already produce link to you website, which is one back link for your website.
  2. link to your business listing page, community posts from your website. This builds back links for your listing page and posts. Regardless if your website rank higher, or your business listing, community posts rank higher, you are the winner.


You can do this all my yourself completely free of charge. Instead of paying others to do this for you. You can manage all by yourself. It is your business.


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