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How to add your FREE business listing?


Prepare your contents

We recommend you to prepare the following contents before starting:

  1. Textual content, introduction of your company, including who you are, what you do, service areas, why choose your company (no need to put contact information in description), and price information (if you know that your pricing is very competitive in your industry). Ideal length of your description is between 800-2000 words.
    We suggest you to place bilingual description if your targeted market is not limited to one spoken language. Our built-in automated AI translation engine take English as source language. Any other language used in input fields will stay as it is if user choose English version. Your input, either English or non English, will be translated to other available languages automatically over a time span. *** English input can be translated to any language, non English input can only be translated to languages other than English *** Thus, if you input in English, single language will do.
    (hint: You can artificially speed up your listing translation by changing language using language switcher on top right corner. Any contents being browsed in non English will be translated immediately. Click refresh to see translated version)
  2. Graphical content, including photos or video (video is available for paid/featured listing only) of your products and services, stand out the key concern of your market, eg quality, finishing, design etc. This is a very effective selling tool to capture this ready market
  3. Contact information, including phone, website URL, social media links, and instant messaging accounts. The more contact information and access channels you have, the better for your potential market to get contact with you
  4. Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is crucial to get your listing rank higher in major search engines.


Adding your business listing

Step 1

In top menu bar, select “Add Listing”, and choose correct category of your company

UNLTD.directory: How to add listing 1


Step 2

Fill in your company details and information as required

UNLTD.directory: How to add listing 2

  1. Select a package: At this stage, only Free package is available. Premium packages will be added shortly, allowing you to do more in promoting your business.
  2. Enable Franchise: This is designed for franchise business to better organize all franchisees listing. This feature should be activated by Franchiser, not franchisee. Franchisee can create their own individual listing.
  3. Business Owner/Associate: Indicate if you are the business owner or not. If you are listing your own business, choose YES. If you are listing on behalf of others, choose NO. When NO is selected, others can claim this listing as Owner.
  4. Insert your business title: Insert your company name. (Main category is set in Step 1 when you choose whichever category you want to add your listing. If you selected an incorrect category, go back and re-select the correct one. Your listing will not be showing in category other than selected.)
  5. Description: Insert description of your business, suggested content as per Prepare Your Content section above. We provide you a Rich Media editor which allows your to format your contents in more stylish way. You may even copy and paste images into the content.UNLTD.directory: How to add listing 3
  6. Tag Keywords: Insert relevant keywords relating to your business. Not only single word, you should also use long tail keywords (eg Solicitors, Solicitors in Sydney, Family Law, Commercial Law, Legal Advise in Sydney).  This is important for SEO ranking. With this tags, your potential customers will find you a lot more easier than competitors without utilizing keyword tags.
  7. Category: Select category/categories for your listing to be shown. Depending on industry, you can list your business in 1 or 2 categories with Free package. Your listing gets more exposure if multiple categories are selected (We prohibit listing to be placed in irrelevant category, or multiple listing insertion by one company. Listing will be removed and account will be suspended if such listing is found or reported) .
    HINT: You may post classified ads to maximize exposure, it is free of charge and will not breach our terms of use.
  8. Address: Insert full address in this field. Our platform has Google Map API to auto correct and format address to standardize address format. Once you insert partial address, Google Map will auto suggest you a list of possible address. Choose one, rather than type free text yourself.
    HINT: do not try to revise 9-12 unless auto suggestion is incorrect. This will affect accuracy of Get Direction feature.
    Set Address On Map: Once you have selected an auto suggested address, 9-12 fields will be populated automatically. Click this button and Google Map API will generate correct Latitude and Longitude for your address to be used for Get Direction feature. (Do not move map pin yourself. If you have moved map pin manually, address will be changed to match the map pin)

UNLTD.directory: How to add listing 4

14 – 16: Keep default setting is suggested

17. Business Hours: This is compulsory and will help SEO do better. Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM is set as default value. You can change to your business hours if different.  Suggested writing formats are:

8AM – 5PM everyday

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mon-Thu 9AM-5PM
Sat 9AM-9PM


20. Spoken Language: Insert language(s) you can communicate, which helps visitors to know if you speaks their mother tongue.  Some ethnic groups like to deal with people who can speak their language, typically Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. non English speaking ethnic group. This information is very helpful for service industry and real estate agents.

21. Website and Social Media links: This helps your potential customers to know more about your business. Also, inter-linking all your online resources and make it accessible via multiple channels.

Finally, Instant Messaging account help your business to build up a loyalty customer group and referral network. When your customer add your IM, they are actually happy with your products and services and very likely they will refer your business to others. So do not save few seconds by skipping these critical information.

If you have further question, you may post in our Support Group and we will get back to you promptly.

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