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आतिथ्य और खानपान श्रेणी: पब और बार और रेस्टोरेंट्सआतिथ्य और खानपान टैग: आयरिश पब, भोजनालय, खाना पकाने, तथा Bar and grill restaurant

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  • Aside from serving up some of the best food in Downtown, मैगी ओ'ब्रायन' has become a local hot spot for live music, pub theater, St. Louis sports, holiday parties, and private events. In short, whether you’re a St. Louis native or just visiting for the weekend Maggie O’Brien’s is your Entertainment Destination. Maggie’s Has always been a fan favorite for all fanatics, with 23 TV and big screens you’ll never miss any of the action. Maggie O’Brien’s also offers free parking and a shuttle service to take you to and from the game. And, with the addition of live music on Friday and Saturday night, you can be sure there will never be a dull moment at Maggie O’Brien’s Restaurant and Irish Pub. We’ll see ya there! Maggie O’Brien’s was named in honor of the original owner, Harry Belli’s, Great Grandmother, Maggie and Great Grandmother, Winnie O’Brien. Maggie is pictured in the oval frame on the wall next to the entrance. Maggie’s has been a Downtown St. Louis institution since 1979! If you’re from St. Louis you have a Maggie O’Brien’s story. Maggie’s is owned and operated by St. Louis born and raised brothers Patrick and Eddie McVey.

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