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  • Plumbers in Canberra ACT – Looking for licensed Plumbers in Canberra ACT? At Kennedy Plumbing and Gas, we take pride in delivering timely, reliable and quality workmanship to the Canberra community and it’s surrounding areas. Your local Plumbers in Canberra ACT offer Canberra drain cleaning, Bathroom renovations Canberra, and exceptional plumbing services. Canberra Blocked Drains Services are the local professionals when it comes to leaky tap, Blocked Drain and Hot water replacement Canberra. Our team is qualified and ready to do a variety of Hot water replacement & installation in Canberra. When you need hot water replacement quickly we provide 24 hour plumber Canberra service at your door within an hour to give the best solutions to your plumbing problems. Get your plumbing problem fixed on the spot today. Get your plumbing problem fixed on the spot today.
    Our team of friendly and skilled professionals have over 11 year’s industry experience and specialize in plumbing, gas, drainage, maintenance plumbing, bathroom renovations, new homes and much more. With our team’s extensive knowledge and experience, we will give you the right advice or solution for your job.

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