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  • INT अंतर्राष्ट्रीय नर्स प्रशिक्षण is a registered nurse training institute providing quality and advanced nursing training courses in Sydney to beginners all over Australia. Backed by a team of qualified and trained professionals, we strive to provide you with disability nursing courses in Sydney, नेतृत्व और प्रबंधन पाठ्यक्रम, individual support aged care course, diploma of community services and medication management. At INT NURSE TRAINING, we take pride to have world-class amenities, modern amenities, and state-of-the-art equipment so as to provide ultimate facilities to students throughout the learning process.

    At INT International Nurse Training, we impart nursing training by complying with the rules and regulations as laid by Australian Skills Quality Authority so as to provide you with quality training and assessment on every course you choose. We are also responsible for issuing AQF certificate based upon your achievement on the courses you enrol. We work with a passion to produce highly professional, knowledgeable and skilled nurses who can contribute towards the betterment of the healthcare sector. Our vision is to offer great career prospects in nursing and we put our best efforts to impart quality education to students who dream of serving the society.

    Having years of experience, we are widely recognised as one of the leading training institutes providing advanced education in healthcare sector focusing on patient-care, health and safety at the core of our values. To cope up with the growing demand of nursing opportunities, we have appointed a team of dignified scholars to provide practical and result-driven training to students having empathy to serve the sick, injured or aged people.


    > Focussed Training Courses

    > Professional and Highly Qualified Trainers

    > Industry-oriented Training Guidance

    > Practical Hands-on Clinical Training


    > Are you looking for good career prospects in the nursing industry? INT International Nurse Training opens a rewarding career pathway for you. By enrolling in our training courses, you can fit yourself in the following job roles.

    > Assistant in Nursing (AIN)

    > Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

    > Registered Nursing Opportunities


    > Diploma of Leadership and Management

    > Diploma of Mental Health

    > Certificate IV in Disability

    > Diploma of Community Services

    > Certificate IV in Aging Support

    > Certificate III in Individual Support

    > Provide First Aid

    > Provide Emergency First Aid Response in Education and Care

    Are you passionate about caring for the sick and injured or aged? Join hands with us and experience outstanding career prospects at a budgeted cost!

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    (फ्रेंचाइज्ड, मल्टी ब्रांच्ड और इंटरनेशनल ब्रांडेड व्यवसायों की शाखा को छोड़कर)

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