Free SEO, Why not?

Companies spent thousands and thousands monthly trying to improve SERP (Search Engine Result Position) via SEO strategy.

What if you can do something yourself to improve business exposure in search engine without cost, why not?

Remind you that regardless if your sales leads are generated from listing in our platform, or from your website, they are all your sales leads which will improve your sales. Thus, do not let go any additional opportunity which will generate more sales leads for your business.


Free SEO Trick


Add your business listing with us

Add your business listing in our business directory, with detail description of your business, history, main products and services, reasons for choosing your business, industrial awards, past projects description and photos, etc. business relevant information. Make sure you do all following points:

  1. Do inject sufficient but not overkill amount of keywords and long tail keywords into your business description. For example, if your business is a legal firm, keywords such as legal, solicitors, lawyers, attorney, family law, criminal law, business law, and long tail keywords such as legal firm in Melbourne CBD, family law solicitor in Sydney, etc. each appears in description several times.
  2. Add links back to your website in contents, eg if you mention about your past projects, add link to “pass project” to the appropriate page in your website. This helps your website SEO by building more back links. Do so in your website by adding links back to your listing in our platform.  Adding back links to your listing page in your website helps SEO of your listing page too.  Remember that regardless if customers coming from your listing page here or from your website, they are all your customers.
  3. With both your website and business listing page doing well in search engine ranking, your business has more opportunity to be selected by potential customers. Your listing page here is part of your sales network tool, and not competing with your website. Your business is always the winner.
  4. All images uploaded with your business listing shall be named with keywords relating to your business to enhance relevancy of your content.
  5. Provide as many contact information as possible, such as social accounts, IM accounts etc. so that your potential customers can reach you in any channels they will use.

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Adding your classified ads

Free Classified Ad is another section to gain extra exposure. New ad will be placed in front page side bar for maximum exposure. Every visitor will be able to see your ad in prime spot. Here you have opportunity to show more than 6 photos for free (business directory limit for free listing). Photos do very good job in selling.

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Adding industrial insight articles in Community discussion forum

In our platform, there is specific area for B2B and B2C discussion, post your industrial insight articles in this area allows potential customers to know better of your business. Customers tend to choose business they are confident with. Your articles build up confidence level in potential customers which eventually will turn them into your real customers.

You may also exchange information and cooperate with businesses in your industry, such as out source jobs, etc.

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Maximizing exposure

Regardless where you post your ads, articles, and business listing, always embed URL links and cross link between your website and your directory listing and posts, eg. add URL which links back to your website from your directory listing and posts, also, add links to drive visitors to your directory listing and articles from your website.

By doing this, both your website and external information will be cross referenced, forming a network to maximizing your catch, not just your single node (website). Think about the difference of net fishing and rod fishing, it is not difficult to understand why you need to do all above suggested. Besides, they are all free services. Why not?


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