Free SEO service, NOT joking

Yes, you read it correctly. While some SEO companies charging you thousands to improve your Search Engine Ranking, we do it for your business, FREE and no hidden costs. 

Why Us?

It is much easier to lift SEO ranking of your business listing page in our directory than your own website. Why? because our directory has much higher organic traffics than to your business website.

Improve Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for your listing page here achieves the same purpose because your website URL, social account URL, contact info are all contained in your listing page. People who land on your listing page will eventually contact you directly or visit your website.

Furthermore, our business directory supports 50 languages, and those language versions are searchable in search engine. That improves your listing page visibility in search engine because non English keywords will be indexed as well.

What we do for your business is to apply SEO strategies to your listing page and making it rank higher in Search Engine Results.

Eligible Businesses:

  1. Your business is a registered business in your country

    With valid contact information (phone, email) where your potential customers can reach you. Whether you have website/social account are not important.

  2. Your business has business listing page in our directory and place your business in correct category.

    It is important to place your business at correct category. Many SEO companies placed listing without correctly pick category, with one purpose, to create a backlink to business website. However, it is a waste of resources. The URL to your page contains organic keywords (Business category, Business name, Location). If you misplaced your business in wrong category, there won’t be related keywords showing in your listing URL. This is a scoring factor in SEO algorithm.

  3. Your listing contains sufficient information

    Search Engines rely on page contents to determine if the page is relevant to search keyword(s). Without sufficient contents, search engine will simply ignore the page and mark it as least important.

    Ideally, textual content in your business listing page shall contains 800-1000 words, with relevant keywords appear in textual contents, each keyword appears between 4-8 times. Keywords refers to search words you want to capture. For example, if you operate a home loan business, your listing page description content shall include 4-8 keyword “home loan”. Over implanting keywords may attract punishment from search engine by lowering your listing page relevancy quality score, thus lowering ranking position.

    A simple way is to copy home page + about us sections textual contents from your website and paste to business listing description section.

  4. Your listing contains relevant images/photos

    Images are important in enriching listing page content and will be considered as rich content page by search engines, which may also be taken into account for relevancy quality score. Use meaningful file name, such as file name containing keywords you want to target. It is also a factor affecting relevancy quality score. Same as ALT tag for images.


Required Materials:

Of course, we do need relevant materials from you in order to improve SEO ranking for your business. This is not robotic service, it is manually plan and done by human. However, it costs you nothing.

  1. URL of your Business Listing page placed in appropriate business category.

    You may view all available categories to determine where you want to place your listing before start. Listing shall meet listing requirements mentioned above.

  2. An original article/blog post originally written by your business relevant to your major business

    Submit us a relevant, original article about your industry/business category. For example, if your business is a Law firm, major in Injury Compensation. Article could be focusing on court cases and scenario of Injury Compensation. This will speed up SEO ranking improvement.

  3. Keyword you want to target

    Let us know which keyword you want to target to capture organic traffics. Since this is a FREE manual service, we will only focus on one keyword (contains keyword + location, eg Home Loan Melbourne, Family Law Los Angeles). If you see improvement results. You are welcome to contact us for multiple keywords SEO service. Keyword language: English. Other language subject to review.


What do you need to do to start:

  1. Create a business listing as mentioned (Link: Add Listing)
    (please use English to create your business listing. It will be automatically translated into all other languages. If you use language other than English, it will be translated into other languages EXCEPT English, thus English only readers may not be able to read your listing).
  2. Submit required materials (Link: Free SEO request form)
    (please use Free SEO request form to submit your required materials)


What do we do:

Once receiving your materials those meet our specified requirements, we will commence manual SEO improvement for your listing page. First stage will aim at lifting your listing page to top 20-30 in Google search result with your selected keyword. Depending on your business category/industry and keywords, some will be as fast as 30 days, some highly competitive keywords could take longer.


How do you justify our work:

After submitting your material, use your target keyword and search in Google. Navigate through first 10 pages of search results to see if any of your business pages are showing within those results.

Try to search it again in 4 weeks interval. If you see the result, click the result to open your listing page, and make sure you stay in your listing page for at least 1 min to avoid causing damage to bounce rate.



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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