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Ομορφιά & Υγεία Κατηγορία: Day SpaΟμορφιά & Υγεία Ετικέτες: Authentic Kansa wand Australia και Kansa Wand Australia

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  • Esmat Parkar Massage Therapy – Canning Vale WA

    Esmat Parkar, being a trained and accredited therapist for soft tissue treatments in Australia, has come a long way in treating people and their ailments especially the aches and pains. It doesn’t matter if the pain is fresh or has been there since day’s altogether, she has the remedy to it all. She has gained the expertise by being in the business since 1990. Esmat Parkar specialises in providing solutions on overall well-being by catering to individual needs.


    • Remedial Massage Therapy
    • Trigger Point Massage Therapy
    • Pre/postnatal Massage Therapy
    • Θεραπεία λέιζερ χαμηλού επιπέδου
    • Multiradiance low-level laser therapy
    • Αθλητική μασαζοθεραπεία
    • Trigger Point Dry Needling
    • Indirect Myofascial Release Massage
    • Μασάζ λεμφικού αποστράγγισης
    • Myofascial Cupping Therapy
    • Mobilising the Ankle
    • Scenar/Enar Therapy
    • Ayurvedic Kansa Massage
    • Pelvic Dysfunction
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    Esmat Parkar is accredited by Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT).

    Esmat has applied many advanced musculoskeletal skills to target the individual needs of the patients and offer them the treatment they need.

    She has worked with the best Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Osteopaths in treating many patients for both short-term and long-term relief from chronic pain.

    She has treated well-known athletes both in training and in competition and also managed those who have faced severe injury because of motorbike accidents.

    Apart from assisting people in leading a pain-free life, we help you with ways to live a healthy life that allows you to get rid of pain and curb circumstances that can trigger such pain. Add the best Kansa wand and Kansa gift packs in Australia to your shopping cart to give it to someone special and make them feel that you care.

    Come over for an initial discussion, and we can take you through resulting in a pain-free lifestyle.

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