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  • Water-Condition-Monitor-Wif-1d
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Σχετική καταχώριση
  • FarmTek Australia – Hydroponics & Fertilizers

    FarmTek Australia is a professional agricultural products supplier for commercial and home growers Australia-wide.

    In the past decade, the agriculture industry has been suffering from the negative impact of the greenhouse effect. A significant threat to the agriculture industry is drought. In the past decade, drought not only affected the agriculture industry, but the water usage control regulation also caused inconvenience to general households.

    Main product lines of FarmTek®:

    • Hydroponic systems (System Kits, Aeroponic Towers, Custom Build Systems)
    • Υδροπονικά αξεσουάρ
    • Nutrients & Fertilizers (for conventional farming and hydroponic systems)
    • Growing Accessories
    • Electronics Testers & Monitoring Devices, Automated Control System
    • Germination and Propagation Kits
    • Consumables (Grow Medium, Disposable Accessories)

    Main services of FarmTek®:

    • Design & Setup Hydroponic systems for home/hobbyists growers & commercial farmers
    • Hydroponics automation
    • Produce quality & quantity improvement trial projects

    FarmTek Hydroponics Australia

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