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  • In cricket, a Freehit is a unique opportunity for the batting team to score runs without the fear of being dismissed. It is a rule that is enforced by the umpires in specific situations during the match. The concept of the Freehit eu rule was introduced by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2007 in order to penalize bowlers who deliver no-balls, which are considered to be unfair deliveries.


    What is a no-ball?

    In cricket, a no-ball is a type of delivery that is not considered legal. A no-ball can occur due to various reasons, such as if the bowler oversteps the crease, if the bowler’s front foot lands beyond the popping crease, if the ball bounces more than once before reaching the batsman, or if the ball is delivered above the waist height of the batsman.


    What is a Freehit?

    When a bowler delivers a no-ball, the umpire calls a no-ball, and the batting team is awarded a Freehit. This means that the next delivery will be a Freehit, and the batsman facing the delivery cannot be dismissed off that delivery except for a run-out. This rule gives the batting team an advantage as they can attempt to hit a big shot without the fear of losing their wicket. If the batsman does get out on a Freehit, then the umpire will call a no-ball and the batsman will remain not-out.The Freehit rule has been introduced to make the game more balanced and to provide a penalty for the bowler for delivering no-balls, which is considered to be an unfair delivery.

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