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    Ivy League Learning Center

    Ivy League Learning Center is a top-rated early education center in Overland Park, KS, offering a dynamic curriculum for preschool, toddler daycare, child daycare, and Pre-K programs, all designed to meet each child’s unique needs. Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping each student succeed and ensures your child receives the highest quality care and education. At Ivy League Learning Center, we’re passionate about providing invaluable early learning experiences for children. We provide a welcoming environment and create rewarding partnerships with parents through volunteerism and participation in school events. Contact us today to learn more about our learning center in Johnson County, KS, and see how we can help your child succeed!

  • Floppycats

    Floppycats unites cat lovers worldwide and helps cat owners live more harmoniously with their cats.   Our website is dedicated to Ragdolls (also known as “floppy cats”) and is designed to help owners and breeders of these cats learn more about them. At Floppycats-com, you’ll find comprehensive information on everything from the Ragdoll breed to common health issues and general cat care tips that can benefit all cat owners.  

  • ZETA Driving School

    Zeta Driving School is the premier location for CDL training in Kansas. We are committed to helping our students to become professional, highly skilled, and fairly compensated commercial drivers. Get your commercial drivers license in just four weeks, or at your own pace with our flexible online classroom options.

  • Hays Academy of Hair Design – Hays Campus

    Hays Academy of Hair Design opened its doors on April 1st, 1981. In January of 2003, Summer Melvin and Danielle Markley (sisters) purchased the beauty school with the vision of offering the students an up-to-date, cutting-edge education. The goal was an education that will enable students to thrive in the beauty industry. Furthermore, they had a strong desire to offer the community professional salon services at a very affordable price.


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