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  • Habitat Early Learning Ferny Grove

    Since 2009, Habitat Early Learning Ferny Grove has offered something different in early education. Nestled against the tranquil backdrop of Cedar Creek, Habitat Early Learning Ferny Grove was the first of three locations to open its doors. With highly qualified leaders present to guide best practice, you can rest assured your child’s early education will be well nurtured. Habitat Early Learning Ferny Grove also offers a range of extracurricular programs, including Performing Arts, Mandarin Language and Culture, and our Happy Habits Program, designed to teach your child more about themselves and the world they live in.

  • Habitat Early Learning Nundah

    Habitat Early Learning in Nundah offers an unprecedented standard in early education to help young children get the best start in life. Built on the foundation that optimum early childhood development occurs when the educational, nutritional and health needs of children are prioritised, Habitat Early Learning will offer your child: All inclusive service which features: – Emergent and Montessori Curriculum – Performing Arts – focusing on drama, movement, music and theatre – Mandarin language and Culture Happy Habits program – focusing wellness and movement, through mindfulness, physical development, nutrition and social and emotional wellbeing.

  • Fueling Brains Academy

    Edison Lofts (FBISD) and Fueling Brains redefine early childhood education by combining the best early childhood instructional practices! Brain development plays a significant role in a young child’s learning potential and ability to succeed in school. Common brain development problems may include limited focus, problem-solving, listening skills and memory, a lack of self-control, and emotional control. The Fueling Brains Academy @Edison Lofts will bring your children the dynamic Fueling Brain.

  • Fueling Brains Academy

    Fueling Brains Academy (formerly Kids U) is an early learning infant child care centre located in the historic Calgary community of Bridgeland. Our unique 3-in-1 learning program allows us to build executive functions and whole brain development. At this location, we accept children ages 6 weeks to 19 months.

  • Elements Belmont by Busy Bees

    When you’re searching for an early learning centre, you want it all. You want somewhere that feels both welcoming and secure, with brilliant facilities and amazing educators that really understand your child’s needs. It should be a place your child loves, where they can try new things, learn, and make discoveries. You’ll find all this and more at Elements Belmont by Busy Bees.

  • Busy Bees at Templestowe

    At Busy Bees at Templestowe, you’ll find a warm and nurturing learning environment and inspiring learning opportunities for children aged birth to 5 years. Our purpose-built facilities are filled with educational play space and Educators who are dedicated to encouraging your children to grow.

  • Apricot Baby & Toddler Nursery

    Apricot Nursery and Pre-school are set across two sites, ensuring that we are able to give children a truly unique and special nursery experience. Children start their journey here at our Apricot Nursery. We are a true home from home nursery and pride ourselves on our parent partnerships. We follow the children’s interest, ensuring no two days the same!

  • Sunhill Day Nursery Granta Park

    Located just 10 minutes from Cambridge city centre, the nursery is ideally located in Granta Park for those parents travelling to work in Cambridge or the park itself. The nursery also provides easy access for those travelling to London, Newmarket and other surrounding areas. We are very proud to follow a blended EYFS and Montessori approach to our learning. The nursery is a custom built setting consisting of 4 age appropriate rooms. The nursery rooms are spacious and bright, providing carefully chosen natural resources and equipment for each age group.


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