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    Heather & Little Ltd.

    Established in 1925, Heather & Little has spent 96 years providing our clients with high-quality architectural sheet metal reproduction and sheet metal restoration services. We’re the preferred American supplier for decorative sheet metal fabrication and have had the pleasure of participating in projects on some of North America’s most significant landmarks and heritage buildings. Our work includes historical restorations, new sheet metal reproduction, statue restorations, domes, cupolas, and steeples, and custom residential ornamental metal work. We continue to take pride in our long history of superior workmanship and outstanding customer service.

  • Handyman Painting

    Handyman Painting Toronto was established by Ted Ntoulis (Doulis). A resident of Toronto, Ontario, he started at a young age working at multiple jobs which included Painting, Home Renovations & Improvements, Maintenance, Hospitality and Sales. This experience throughout the years turned him into a conscientious and passionate businessman and contractor. Ted provides his customers with the best finished product, excellent customer relations during the process, and further follow up until the job has been completed with warranty guarantee after completion. Being able to stay in communication with his client(s) during the interim of the project and performing post follow-ups of their project(s) is key to a successful and long-lasting relationship for his companies. It has helped him build future relations with present clients and establish relations with new clients. Studying business and marketing and working at the same time, he found himself becoming strong, educated, and determined as an individual. With the knowledge and passion for business, Ted demonstrates this with honesty and integrity and brings that to his staff and sub-contractors.


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