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Construction Category: Gate & Fencing and Glass & GlaziersConstruction Tags: automatic gates, fence, gates, and glass balust

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  • Glassworth Pty Ltd – Melbourne Glass Fence Experts

    Glassworth specialize in the manufacture and supply of factory direct automatic gates, fence, swimming pool fence, swimming pool glass fence, glass and balustrade, house fence and gate, glass related fittings and hardware, shower screen glass, mirrors etc. Glassworth stocks a huge range of fence products and supply for all types of home improvement or commercial projects.

    Glassworth Melbourne specialize in providing complete glass fence/balustrades solutions for pool fence distributors, trade fencers, new home builders, trade resellers, project developers and industrial customers. For our nearby customers we are pleased to offer delivery to site service or pick up from our warehouse. We carry massive stocks enabling us to provide a complete glass solution ready to install.

    Glassworth Melbourne is a proud Australian owned and operated business established at Melbourne.

    Our Major Products & Services:

    • Glass Fence
    • Glass Swimming Pool Fence
    • Glass Balustrades
    • Glass Swimming Pool Balustrades
    • Glass Fence Fitting & Hardware
    • Shower Screen Glass
    • All kinds of Glass works
    • House Fence & Gate
    • Commercial Fence & Gate

    As a customer focused business, Glassworth  is passionate about providing only quality components at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our personal service, making that extra effort to ensure a good buying experience for everyone. Need help with design or regulations? We offer qualified expert advice and utilizing latest technology SolidWorks 3D and AutoCAD design for your project no matter what size.


    Glass Pool Fencing

    Glassworth has a full range of Pool Fencing available, including Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing.

    We are factory direct suppliers of high quality architectural certified glasses, NATA tested stainless steel fittings and hardware offering “no-fuss” frameless glass solutions for all your pool fencing needs!

    • Our Pool Fencing Range complies with 1926.1 (2012) Swimming Pool Safety Standard

    • Factory direct from the manufacturer at Trade Prices


    Glass Balustrades

    Glassworth has a full range of Glass Balustrades available, including Frameless and Semi Frameless Glass Balustrades.

    We are factory direct suppliers of high quality architectural certified glasses, NATA tested stainless steel fittings and hardware offering “no-fuss” frameless glass solutions for all your balustrades needs!

    • Our Glass Balustrades Range complies with Australian and New Zealand Standard

    • Factory direct from the manufacturer at Trade Prices


    Glass Fittings/Hardware

    Glassworth has a full range of Stainless Steel Glass Fittings, including spigots, mini posts, hinges, latches,  posts etc.

    We specialize in design and fabricate hardware for glass fence, glass balustrades, bathroom glass fittings. We also make fittings for marine, food processing, and any parts which could be done by casting!

    • Our Glass Fittings Range complies with Australian Standard and NATA tested

    • Factory direct from the manufacturer at Trade Prices



    Glassworth has a huge range of customized fences and gates, including steel tubular fences, automatic gates and openers.

    We specialize in design and fabricate steel fence, gates, and remote control gate openers. We are patent holder of roller type gate openers. We fabricate fence and gates for all residential and commercial projects needs!

    • Our Fencing and Gates/Openers Range complies with Australian and New Zealand Standards

    • Factory direct from the manufacturer at Trade Prices


    Glassworth Pty Ltd – 墨尔本玻璃围栏专家

    Glassworth是一家在墨尔本成立的澳大利亚自营企业。 Glassworth墨尔本专门生产和供应厂家直销自动门,围栏,玻璃和栏杆及相应的配件和五金件。

    我们为各种家居装修或商业项目提供各种围栏产品和供应。 Glassworth墨尔本专门为泳池围栏分销商,贸易围栏,新房屋建造商,贸易经销商,项目开发商和工业客户提供完整的玻璃围栏/栏杆解决方案。



    • 玻璃围栏护栏
    • 玻璃泳池围栏护栏
    • 玻璃栏杆护栏
    • 玻璃泳池栏杆护栏
    • 玻璃护栏配件及五金件
    • 各类玻璃, 包括浴室玻璃等
    • 围栏及栅栏门

    作为以客户为中心的企业,我们热衷于以具有竞争力的价格提供优质的组件。我们为自己的个性化服务感到自豪,为确保每个人的良好购买体验付出额外的努力。需要设计或法规方面的帮助?无论规模大小,我们都能为您的项目提供合格的专家建议和最新技术SolidWorks 3D和AutoCAD设计。





    我们的泳池围栏范围符合1926.1(2012)游泳池安全标准,  厂家直接从贸易价格的制造商





    我们的Glass Balustrades系列符合澳大利亚和新西兰标准,  厂家直接从贸易价格的制造商





    我们的玻璃配件系列符合澳大利亚标准和NATA测试, 厂家直接从贸易价格的制造商





    我们的围栏护栏和栅栏门/开启器系列符合澳大利亚和新西兰标准, 厂家直接从贸易价格的制造商

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