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  • Glassworth Pty Ltd

    Glassworth Pty Ltd – Melbourne Glass Fence Experts Glassworth specialize in the manufacture and supply of factory direct automatic gates, fence, swimming pool fence, swimming pool glass fence, glass and balustrade, house fence and gate, glass related fittings and hardware, shower screen glass, mirrors etc. Glassworth stocks a huge range of fence products and supply for all types of home improvement or commercial projects. Glassworth Melbourne specialize in providing complete glass fence/balustrades solutions for pool fence distributors, trade fencers, new home builders, trade resellers, project developers and industrial customers. For our nearby customers we are pleased to offer delivery to site service or pick up from our warehouse. We carry massive stocks enabling us to provide a complete glass solution ready to install. Glassworth Melbourne is a proud Australian owned and operated business established at Melbourne. Our Major Products & Services: Glass Fence Glass Swimming Pool Fence Glass Balustrades Glass Swimming Pool Balustrades Glass Fence Fitting & Hardware Shower Screen Glass All kinds of Glass works House Fence & Gate Commercial Fence & Gate As a customer focused business, Glassworth  is passionate about providing only quality components at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our personal service, making that extra Read more [...]


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