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  • Secure Data Recovery Services

    Secure Data Recovery started in 2007, expanded into the Pittsburgh market, and quickly became the #1 rated data recovery company in the world. We have an SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 & 3 Certified lab that specializes in hard drive recovery, raid recovery, SSD data recovery, flash recovery, micro SD card recovery, tape data migration, and many more. We are also the only data recovery company to have a Class 10 ISO 4 Certified Clean Room and have an industry-high success rate of over 96%.

  • TFG Partners, LLC

    TFG Partners provides corporate medical benefits plan auditing with a specialty in medical claims audits. We’re among the leading benefits auditors for self-funded plans offered by mid and large-size corporations. Our revenue-neutral audits for medical claims are full-service, which means we include an audit and analysis, recovery, and advocacy. Since the 1990s, we’ve been pioneers of better claims auditing methods with the best track-record of accuracy. We uniquely combine the best technology and the most experienced team. We’ve successfully audited every claims administrator in the industry. Scheduling a medical claims audit with TFG Partners is sure to be a refreshing experience because of the quality of our work. We minimize our clients’ time investment and review 100-percent of claims. The analysis we provide helps with recovery, and our advocacy efforts bring structural improvements to claims processing. It means better plan performance to serve your employees and their dependents – while containing costs more effectively. Full-service benefits plan auditing from TFG Partners is always better than revenue-neutral, and through the years, we’ve helped our clients recover many millions of dollars. Not many corporate claims auditors can match our long history of success. We’ve remained at the forefront of the industry and Read more [...]

  • Qhanu

    Qhanu is empowering brands to reimagine their digital experiences with custom-made augmented reality (AR) solutions that drive engagement, conversions and reduce returns and exchanges. This is a B2B platform where brands can request, integrate and manage AR solutions for their website and marketing.


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