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  • MD Logica

    Our team of experts has the knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience you need to transform your practice into a high-performance brand. Background in healthcare? Check. Extensive marketing and consulting experience? Check. Results-driven, down-to-earth experts? Check. If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level of success, we’d love to connect.

  • Smyleee Dental Directory (initially was founded in 2010. After we did a google search for the keyword “Best Dentist in Dubai” we got several results and we were overwhelmed with mixed reviews. After performing a dozen similar searches, we still could not find a quality website or a directory where Dental Clinics are listed which we can trust. So we decided to build Smyleee (pronounced as Smyeeel). We started as a Dental Directory Services where we started listing Dental Clinics which provides first class treatment and at the same time are affordable. Later we added more features in Smyleee and developed it into a full-fledged dental portal with advanced features like Lead Generations, Patients Bookings, Dental Reviews & Ratings. What we aim to do at Smyleee is not only to provide a complete and accurate directory of dentists and dental practices but to promote and educate our users on the importance of dental hygiene and the importance of practicing good dental hygiene and good oral hygiene for overall good health.


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