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  • Jill Hunter Podiatry – Western Australia

    Jill Hunter Podiatry is a Balcatta based podiatry service provider helping people to stand on their feet and live life to the fullest. People who suffer from foot injuries & abnormalities can benefit greatly from our expert care and surgeries. The treatment process actually helps people to walk pain free steps.

    We offer a number of services which include gait analysis, myofascial therapy, low level laser therapy and orthotics. With the innumerable benefits we offer to people, our main focus is to help them to perform effectively in daily lives and also in sports.

    Jill Hunter is an experienced podiatrist in Perth who specialises in treatment of feet problems of individuals as well as sportspeople. She graduated from the Curtin University of Perth in 1999 with a Bachelor’s degree in Podiatry. Over the years since the inception of her professional career, Jill has worked in both public and private sectors. She possesses a wealth of experience with diabetic and paediatric patients as well as people in aged care facilities. Being an ardent sports enthusiast, Jill has also offered her services & expertise to numerous soccer, rugby and WAFL clubs.

    Your feet are the base of stability for your entire body and it’s very important to make sure they are working efficiently to help you perform at your best. So whether you are a busy person or a professional athlete, Jill can help you stand on your feet comfortably in order for you to lead a pain- and worry-free life.

    Gait Analysis – Biomechanical Podiatry in Perth

    Gait analysis is incredibly important to the clinical diagnosis and following treatment of patients of the Jill Hunter Podiatry clinic. It is necessary to look at the body from a holistic point of view when performing the assessment. Rather than just focusing on the feet, the podiatrist will focus on everything from the head, shoulders, hips, knees, right down to the toes and push off. Jill has almost 20 years of experience in being able to diagnose conditions using her expertis…

    Expert Myofascial Therapy in Perth

    Myofascial therapy generally serves as a therapeutic tool for addressing impact of inflammation on the fascial structures of the body. It basically involves usage of various massage techniques to resolve tightness, adhesion and restrictions, which usually trigger dysfunction & pain. During the treatment, a therapist performs palpatory, movement and visual analysis to determine the tissue barriers so as to tailor an effective treatment plan. By opting for the…

    Low Level Laser Therapy For Foot & Heel Pain Treatment in Perth

    Low level laser therapy, popularly referred to as ‘cold laser’, involves treatment of lesions and injuries using low intensity infrared and red light for inducing enhanced recovery of soft tissue & wound. The therapy works by encouraging production of ATP and decreasing oxidative stress. This in turn prevents inflammation and promotes better cell metabolism. Pain relief is brought about by stimulating production of natural pain reducing agents in the body, including seroton…


    The way that your body moves is dependent on the subtalar joint, which is a tri-planar joint near the ankle. It serves to pronate and supinate the foot. Pronation helps the weight-bearing joints (feet, ankles, knees, hips & lower back) to absorb shock, while supination aids in support and stability. To have an efficient gait cycle, small amounts of pronation and supination are needed. Most commonly, people tend to have feet that excessively pronate, but there is a small percentage th…

    Frequently Treated Condition

    BUNIONS A bunion, also known as hallux abducto valgus, is an osteo-arthritic condition usually affecting the big toe (can also affect the small toe – called a bunionette). It is generally caused by instability in the joint, which may be due to foot type, a short 1st metatarsal bone, incorrect shoes, arthritis or genetics. The body tries to increase stability by laying down bone, though it is not uniform and thus creates the arthritic changes within the joint. It can cause …


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