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  • Wheaton Honda West Service Centre

    The Wheaton Honda West Service team offers the best in automotive service to our customers and their Hondas. We maintain and repair close to 15,000 Hondas a year. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment allows our highly experienced and skilled factory-trained technicians to deliver efficient, top-quality maintenance and repairs. Ensure your Honda is functioning at its best with outstanding service from Wheaton Honda West.

  • Lakeview Automotive Service Centre-ROUSH & COBB Performance

    We love our Subarus, and we want to make sure they stay running for as long as possible. That’s why Lakeview Automotive Service Centre-ROUSH & COBB Performance offer all Subaru dealer-style scheduled maintenance services, (service A, B, C &D). We set ours up to be less “corporate” with more emphasis on keeping your vehicle running for a long time. When your Subaru needs repairs big or small, our mechanic in Calgary handles it all! We use the best quality parts and offer a Warranty on all our work! Being a COBB Dealer and Pro-tuner, we pride ourselves on our knack to make Subarus go faster. With our AWD Dyno and talented techs/ tuners, rest assured you will rumble away with a big smile!  


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