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Agriculture & Farming businesses, eg farms, farm supplies, farming machinery, fertilisers, hydroponics

    FarmTek Australia Hydroponics & Fertilizers

    FarmTek Australia – Hydroponics & Fertilizers FarmTek Australia is a professional agricultural products supplier for commercial and home growers Australia-wide. In the past decade, the agriculture industry has been suffering from the negative impact of the greenhouse effect. A significant threat to the agriculture industry is drought. In the past decade, drought not only affected the agriculture industry, but the water usage control regulation also caused inconvenience to general households. Main product lines of FarmTek®: Hydroponic systems (System Kits, Aeroponic Towers, Custom Build Systems) Hydroponic Accessories Nutrients & Fertilizers (for conventional farming and hydroponic systems) Growing Accessories Electronics Testers & Monitoring Devices, Automated Control System Germination and Propagation Kits Consumables (Grow Medium, Disposable Accessories) Main services of FarmTek®: Design & Setup Hydroponic systems for home/hobbyists growers & commercial farmers Hydroponics automation Produce quality & quantity improvement trial projects


    Hydroponics Supplies FarmTek Australia

    Hydroponics Experts FarmTek® Australia specialized in supplying accessories and consumables for hydroponics and conventional farming fertilizers. Major hydroponic products we supply: NFT channels NPK fertilizers & Hydroponic AB fertilizers Fulvic Acid grow enhancer Humic Acid soil conditioner Hydroponic sponge, rockwool blocks and slabs Electronic water condition tester, pH tester, EC tester LED grow lights Apart from supplying, we also help designing hydroponic systems for keen home growers and commercial farmers. No matter you are hobbyist or commercial grower, our product ranges will help improving your produce quantitatively and qualitatively. Contact us for free consultation   


    PRV Tree Service

    PRV Tree Service is fully insured and has years of experience in the tree business. Our qualified tree care professionals are experts in tree removal and tree trimming in Austin. We are located in Georgetown, TX and service Residential and Commercial properties within a 60 mile radius of Austin.


    Walco Seed Cleaning

    Walco Seed Cleaning have been around for nearly 11 years and have massed great experience in the industry, and are supported by a specialist network of companies providing them with the latest advancements and up to date information in seed treatments, seed dressing and seed grading technology. Walco Seed Cleaning Pty Ltd is a member of the Independent Associated Seed Graders Inc., and along with the support of the Australian Seed Federation and other recognised industry bodies, Kurt & Merey are able to provide their customers the highest level of service in the district. Our seed grading and seed treatment services help farmers increase germination rates and crop yield by: Removing all destructive elements from seed stock Removing seeds of unwanted plants, other crops, or weeds Filtering out damaged or diseased seed Selection of bigger, more viable seed stock Treat seeds with a custom mixture of seed treatments to improve germination.

  • Made In Oklahoma Coalition

    Made in Oklahoma Coalition promotes Oklahoma Brands by providing awareness & consumer loyalty for local goods. Our mission is to support the Oklahoma economy by increasing sales & business retention for Oklahoma grown food & products. MIO supports Made in Oklahoma products like farm to table, Oklahoma food, & local produce through a shared platform for local products. Our platform provides opportunities for OK brand awareness, like Oklahoma made recipes, Oklahoma restaurants, Made in Oklahoma recipes, & community events. We provide suggestions for the best restaurants OK has to offer & easy recipes inspiring people to shop local. Supporting MIO expands the GDP, local job opportunities, & positively impacts the lives of Oklahomans.

  • Nebraska Corn Board

    The Nebraska Corn Board is dedicated to advancing the state’s corn by enhancing demand, adding value and ensuring sustainability. We’re proud to explore every possible avenue for supporting Nebraska corn growers and researching new corn products.

  • OzPoly Rain Water Tanks Queensland

    OzPoly is North Queensland’s leading manufacturer of rainwater tanks. Our tanks are built in North Queensland to suit the rugged conditions in this region and are made to the highest quality standards. In fact, OzPoly have been making water tanks since 1983 and is one of Australia’s oldest and most experienced poly tank manufacturers. OzPoly is apart of Bushman Tanks who are Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of water tanks, rainwater tanks, industrial tanks and associated products.

  • Simply Organic

    Simply Organic NZ is your one stop shop for affordable organic, spray-free produce and natural and organic grocery items. We have hand-picked the very best in organic produce and grocery items from local growers and suppliers and our extensive range is available online for delivery NZ wide or from our friendly team at our Tauranga store 771 Cameron Road, Tauranga South.


    Who doesn’t love a good nut? They’re tasty, nutritious, and perfect for on-the-go snacking. But what if we told you that there’s a new type of nut in town? Teff flour is made from an ancient grain that is native to Ethiopia. It is incredibly nutritious, packing a serious punch of protein, fibre, and iron. Plus, it has a lovely nutty flavour that makes it perfect for baking. We’ve used the Best teff flour to create a delicious and healthy line of snacks called Nuts About Life. Our snacks are perfect for busy people who are looking for a quick and healthy snack. It’s perfect for baking bread, cookies, cakes, and more. Plus, it’s gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy it!

  • Un-Stumped LLC

    Un-Stumped LLC is a commercial and residential tree stump removal with industrial grade stump grinders. Our fast and efficient tree stump grinding operation leaves behind clean soil ready for replanting or landscaping. We also offer bush hogging, tractor work, land leveling, sod placement, and light landscaping.

  • GoTurf

    GoTurf is family-owned and operated by the Heilig Family; with 4 generations of farming experience in the Glasshouse Mountains area, you can be sure of only the best quality turf and service, backed by an industry-first 10-year product warranty. Conveniently situated between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, GoTurf guarantees the supply of quality turf throughout Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Gold Coast, Fraser Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba.

  • East Coast Mulching

    We are a local business, and country people at heart, with a passion for transforming the land to suit your needs without sacrificing the welfare of the environment. Whether you are a homeowner looking to create your dream property, a commercial developer or a local government with an ambitious project, we can help you bring your vision to life. Based on the Sunshine Coast, we service the South East Queensland, Wide Bay and Darling Down regions.

  • Plant Judo

    Plant Judo is a plant subscription service to give you a new plant friend to take care of or to pass along to someone else. We also include extensive guides about how to take care of some of your most challenging plants.

  • How to Recover Facebook Account

    Social Media is the best way to communicate with each other in modern days . it is increasing day by day . In Social media , Popularity of Facebook is growing . Every Youth is using facebook & Connect their friends doN,T Matter , how far your friend is . But you think if you are using your facebook account your account will be loss or block then , How to Recover Facebook Account , In this Article , We will Leartn How to get it Back .  You  will Follow these Steps –     Recover Facebook if Password was Changed The most common scenario, especially with inexperienced hackers, is that they’ll only change the password. While you can’t reactivate your account with the old password, you can still get your account back. Here’s how to do it.   Open the browser on your computer and go to Facebook Account  If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, launch the Facebook app.   Next, enter your email and password. If you used to log in with your phone number, type in your phone number instead. Click or tap the Log In button Click or tap the Forgot Password option. Check the Read more [...]

  • FarmChem

    At FarmChem, we pride ourselves not only in our ability to offer industry-leading distribution services, but also in the design and manufacture of innovative industry cornerstone products. FarmChem has delivered these innovations throughout the years with a diverse line of products that range from fertilizer blenders and batch mate technology, to the industry most widely used bulk tank telemetry systems. Our tank monitoring program is currently in excess of 20,000 active units across 49 states.

  • Tree Removal Melbourne – Pctrees

    If you take a look out your window and don’t like what you see, consider calling PC Trees Services for all your tree removal Melbourne needs! We provide Melbourne and its surrounding areas with safe, affordable tree removal services to ensure that your home remains beautiful. Not only are we licensed, insured, and certified arborists but we are also environmentally conscious—every job includes an effort to support sustainability. PC Trees Services doesn’t just cut down trees – we care about them too! With a range of services including pruning and mulching, as well as careful disposal of any branches or materials left behind, our team provides the highest quality care for whatever trees your property may have. Plus, our experts will guarantee the healthiest outcome for you and the environment during the entire process. Whether you need shrubbery trimming or a massive oak removed from your backyard, combine quality with affordability when you choose PC Trees Services – call us today to get started! Our witty service technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have so don’t hesitate – get in touch now for all your Tree Removal Melbourne needs!

  • Shoot Borer Insecticide 

    Dhanuka Agritech provides the best insecticides and pesticides to control short borers that affect brinjal plantations. We have a broad spectrum of systemic insecticides that eliminate these insects and protect your crops for a healthy yield. Check out our website to know all our shoot borer insecticides along with the dosages for each kind of crop.   

  • Top Cuts Tree Service & Landscaping

    Top Cuts Tree Service & Landscaping is a family-owned and operated full-service lawn and landscaping company, started in 2008. We have 10+ years of extensive industry experience in tree service. landscaping, hardscaping and other services. We offer our services in Southern Maryland including Calvert County, St Marys County,St Leonard and Charles County. Phone no. :- (443) 975-4810

  • GGI-Holland BV

    GGI-Holland BV biedt veehouders een breed pakket aan KI stieren, KI -benodigdheden, mineralenbolussen voor koeien en schapen en handige producten voor stal en erf. Als importeur van GGI-Spermex Duitsland betrekken we onze KI stieren bij de aangesloten Duitse KI ‘ s.


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