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Agriculture & Farming businesses, eg farms, farm supplies, farming machinery, fertilisers, hydroponics

    FarmTek Australia Hydroponics & Fertilizers

    FarmTek Australia – Hydroponics & Fertilizers FarmTek Australia is a professional agricultural products supplier for commercial and home growers Australia-wide. In the past decade, the agriculture industry has been suffering from the negative impact of the greenhouse effect. A significant threat to the agriculture industry is drought. In the past decade, drought not only affected the agriculture industry, but the water usage control regulation also caused inconvenience to general households. Main product lines of FarmTek®: Hydroponic systems (System Kits, Aeroponic Towers, Custom Build Systems) Hydroponic Accessories Nutrients & Fertilizers (for conventional farming and hydroponic systems) Growing Accessories Electronics Testers & Monitoring Devices, Automated Control System Germination and Propagation Kits Consumables (Grow Medium, Disposable Accessories) Main services of FarmTek®: Design & Setup Hydroponic systems for home/hobbyists growers & commercial farmers Hydroponics automation Produce quality & quantity improvement trial projects


    Hydroponics Supplies FarmTek Australia

    Hydroponics Experts FarmTek® Australia specialized in supplying accessories and consumables for hydroponics and conventional farming fertilizers. Major hydroponic products we supply: NFT channels NPK fertilizers & Hydroponic AB fertilizers Fulvic Acid grow enhancer Humic Acid soil conditioner Hydroponic sponge, rockwool blocks and slabs Electronic water condition tester, pH tester, EC tester LED grow lights Apart from supplying, we also help designing hydroponic systems for keen home growers and commercial farmers. No matter you are hobbyist or commercial grower, our product ranges will help improving your produce quantitatively and qualitatively. Contact us for free consultation   


    The Flower Shed

    The Flower Shed has become a top-rated service for busy people who want to send flowers to loved ones. Many companies offer this service, so it’s easy to find one that delivers flowers on the same day. This makes it easy to send flowers to someone living in another state or city. Flower delivery Melbourne from Flowershed is a beautiful way to express your appreciation and love for someone special in your life. Flowers can brighten anyone’s day and are a fantastic way to express your emotions. Flowers can be used to express your feelings, whether you’re sending flowers to your best friend or mom.


    Bob’s Irrigation

    The team at Bob’s Irrigation Services are well trained and focused on their areas of expertise. At Bob’s we believe that ‘if a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing right’ and we take great pride in advising and providing the best tailored solutions for our clients. Our company is rewarded by providing our clients with the information and solutions that allow them to maintain their landscapes and greenscapes with ease and satisfaction. With crews now covering Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast, Bob’s Irrigation is the ‘go-to’ company in South East Queensland for irrigation services.


    ADT Tree Services Pty. Ltd. began in 2015 and our professional tree experts have been in the industry for over 12 years. We are experienced, and professional and have been involved in the industry extensively over the years. We have also studied and worked in different areas such as botany, landscaping, and environmental management. ADT Tree Services provides all types of tree services, such as tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, land clearing and emergency tree services.

  • The GOAT Land Services

    The GOAT Land Services is family owned and operated. Even our logo was designed with our family pet in mind! We use environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art forestry mulching equipment to help you achieve the property you envision.

  • Willow Energy

    Willow Energy provide a full range of services to landowners to help them grow short rotation coppice (SRC) willow for profit while helping the transition to green energy. We are actively involved in many research and innovation projects with Universities, research institutes and Governments to scale up the UK biomass supply chain and develop new added value end uses for the feedstock. This will provide farmers with a more profitable crops with higher margins while reducing fossil fuel use.

  • GardenMore Landscaping

    GardenMore Landscaping is a leading company in Melbourne that specializes in landscaping. They offer professional landscaping services to residential and commercial properties and have been operating for over 10 years. GardenMore has a wealth of experience in the field and is passionate about creating beautiful gardens for its customers.

  • Attleboro Tree Removal Services

    Attleboro Tree Removal Services is the leading tree removal contractor! What separates us from other tree services in Attleboro is our commitment to quality services, having the best equipment, and extending tree care & removal to members of our community at affordable prices. Our certified arborist will provide a full tree inspection and recommend tree care techniques that will preserve it for years to come, or options for immediate tree removal. Call us today to get on the schedule!

  • Pioneer Water Tanks WA

    For more than 32 years we have been supplying safe, secure, long-lasting and cost-effective water tanks. Pioneer is Australia’s #1 BIG tank company. All tanks are made in Australia and backed by a 20 year warranty you can trust. See less

  • Timberland Tree Care

    Locally owned & operated since 1989. We provide exceptional tree service for any size tree through out Contra Costa County. Our team includes licensed arborists who can treat diseased trees, deter parasites, & prevent fungal growth. Our arborists know the right time of year to trim the various types of trees, that will promote growth & avoid complications. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If there is ever a problem with your service we’ll come back and make it right. Licensed, bonded & insured.


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