by Glidemaster Impex India
Published: April 21, 2022 (2 months ago)
Adoor, Kerala, India

Glidemaster Impex India, established in 1982, was one of the first professional brands in automatic rolling shutters in Kerala, India, employing the most advanced machines and technology in the design and manufacture of automatic shutters. Glidemaster is a leading rolling shutter dealers in Kerala, offering a wide range of goods including as rolling shutters, automatic gates, boom barriers, automatic bollards, and more. Commercial spaces, shopping malls, garages, and enterprises, among other places, can benefit from automatic shutters. Our best-selling automatic rolling shutters include industrial wider span shutters, automatic high-speed fast doors, polycarbonate shutters, insulated shutters, glass sectional shutters, and heavy-duty, wider span, light-duty perforated shutters. Glidemaster’s automatic rolling shutters provide excellent security for your home, office, or industrial facility.


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