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  • Call us 8800348526 Mumbai Gigolo 8Club, Gigolo Jobs Pune, Gigolo Job Nashik.

    WELCOME TO GIGOLOBIZ.COM PART TIME JOB Information about the work done to play boy in PLAY BOY JOB: 8800348526 * In play boy job, you have to make friendship / sexual relations with girls / women from rich homes and make them happy * These are the women whose husbands often stay away from them so they need a play boy to fulfill their physical needs | * She calls play boy because she doesn’t make relations in the neighborhood at the rate of vandalism | * That’s why she call play boy because play boy don’t know them nor their house because meeting is in hotel | Salary in PLAY BOY JOB: * You get at least 15,000 rupees for a meeting and maximum 25,000 rupees | * Payments are less because some clients are richer and some are less | * But you are sure to get 15,000 rupees for a meeting MEETING TIME & HOURS: * Day *Night * Evening * You can take meeting any time as per your wish * A meeting is of your 2-4 hours PLAY BOY SERVICE AVAILABILITY CITIES: * This service is available in all small / big cities of India Read more [...]


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